Chainsaw Service
Strickland Equipment Company
309 S Barnes St
Nashville, NC

Service Description

Strickland Equipment Chainsaw Service

Chainsaw Service can range from mild jobs, such as fuel line replacement, all the way to cylinder/piston work. Common Chainsaw repairs we perform are:

  • General Service (air filter, fuel filter, chain sharpen, etc)
  • Carburetor repair/cleaning/replacement
  • Oil pump replacement
  • Chain tensioner repair/replacement
  • Fuel lines and primer bulb replacement
  • Piston/Cylinder replacement
  • Bar studs
  • Throttle repair
  • Choke repair
  • Carburetors equipped with computer chips
  • and much more

We perform any type of service/repair/replacement work on chainsaws, old and new. Repair costs are calculated by cost of parts + labor rate ($70/hour).

There is a $30 diagnostic minimum on all chainsaws, including if the chainsaw is determined to not be worth repair (Cost of parts + Estimated Labor is greater than value of chainsaw)

Although we service any brand of chainsaw, Strickland Equipment carries Stihl, Husqvarna, and Echo chainsaws, and we specialize in the repair of these brands. Any chainsaw not belonging to these brands brought to Strickland Equipment for repair will require a $30 deposit.